Future concept

Genetically Modified Gum to enhance Brain Strength and Intelligence

We wish a totally new invention to assist humans become smarter that assist us over come the dummying reduced our societies and civilizations. Hold on, how you may ask? Well, we have to have Genetically Modified Gum to enhance Brain Strength and Intelligence. How’s that possible you question?

Well I would suggest having a modified wheat germ, due to its similarities to human DNA, among the ingredients within the gum, plus a spike in the little Wasp Venom to eliminate the bloodstream stream brain barrier.

The wheat germ will most likely be doused with chemicals to be able to strengthen your mind and thicken it, that helps recall, memory and processing speeds. Essentially making the small mind a little smarter.

When you are able enhance the IQ quantity of the standard human around the world by 10-15 pts i then am almost certain we’re able to fix the issues within the under-developed additionally to possibly awaken a few of individuals folks within the first world.

Will it be dishonest to assist humans in this manner? Will it be dishonest medically for it type of brain enhancement when using the natural order of items?

Oh heavens no, inside the finish we’re just overcoming your own stupidity, that has caused this reduction in thinking processes through our endless straight line thinking along with the laws and regulations and rules and rules of unintended effects the factor is? Please consider all of this around 2006.