Harit Gaba Highlights the Need for Career Counseling

Many will frown at the suggestion of going for career counseling. It is because some people think that they know everything about the professional world. While information about the professional world is available online, where will you find information about yourself? The problem arises when people go for career paths without assessing their skills. What you think is the best for your future, might not be the right for your life. Just because your neighbor is making a lot of money as a data scientist does not mean that is the right career path for you. As Harit Gaba explains, students need to understand themselves before picking a career. A mistake in this selection can cost you a few years of your life. Therefore, you should be a little careful when you are searching for a job or trying to enroll yourself in a post-graduate program.

Harit Gaba on Career Counseling

What is career counseling? Many are not even aware of what career counseling means. To some, it is speaking to a professional who tries to sell courses. But career counseling is more than that. Career counseling is the tool that helps students find their right career path. Also, some think that career counseling is needed after college. But Harit points out that there is no benefit in going for career counseling after you have received your degree. You need career counseling before you opt for your post-graduate program.   

Why Career Counseling is Needed?

Why indeed? Why do you have to pay to choose your career path? It is not an invalid question to ponder over. Many ask the same question because they have no idea about how an expert career counselor can impact their lives. Here are reasons why you should see a counselor before you enroll in a post-graduate program. 

They Help You Understand Your Talent – You may want a career in data science. But that does not mean it is the right path for your future. Your talent may lie in creative designs. If this is the case, a career counselor will point it out. They make people realize their talents and make the right career selection. If you can choose the right career, you will be able to succeed in it as well. 

They Provide Confidence – Often students fail to grab the right job because of low confidence levels. Society-permitted standards and wrong parenting sometimes contribute to this low self-confidence level. Here a career counselor can help immensely. A career counselor can help the students realize their talents and boost their confidence to ace in the interviews. 

They Open Multiple Career Options – Sometimes students get stuck in career selection. This happens because of a lack of knowledge. You need to know about the options available in the market to explore them. If you are not aware of the multiple career paths, you will be stuck in one place. Career counselors introduce students to the options. As Harit Gaba mentions, one should be open to experiment. But to try new things one needs to possess knowledge. This is why you need a counselor to help you choose your career path.